“State, county are transparent with finance websites” by Senator Kimberly Yee and Andy Kunasek

Senator Yee

Senator Yee

“Recently, Maricopa County contracted to purchase 450 bulletproof vests to protect our law-enforcement officers.

The purchase will be made over a three-year period and will cost an estimated $360,000. County officials believe this is a good price for the equipment, and we agree. But you don’t have to take our word. Our transparency website lists such transactions and other financial information about how your government spends your money.

All citizens have a right to detailed financial information about how your government spends your money. And now, with both the state and county OpenBooks websites, that information is easily obtained on the Internet. Just log on to maricopa.gov/openbooks or visit the state’s website at openbooks.az.gov.

At OpenBooks, you will find up-to-date financial data including revenue sources, departmental budgets, expenditures, bids, contracts, tax bills, audits, financial reports and bond ratings. You can research property tax rates for cities, school districts, community colleges and special districts.

We call this “transparency,” a fancy way of saying we’re trying to be open and aboveboard about what government is doing and how much it is spending.”

To continue reading this article click here: http://www.azcentral.com/opinions/articles/20130307state-county-transparent-finance-websites.html

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