Accomplishments of the 50th Legislature, Second Regular Session

Prepared by Senate Majority Staff  

The Majority in the Arizona State Senate gathered in January with a goal of building upon the successes of the First Regular Session, enacting another truly balanced budget and creating an economic environment that will continue to grow us out of this sluggish economy. The Republican caucus delivered with a responsible budget that is balanced through 2014 and sets aside reserves to improve Arizona’s credit rating and plan for future needs. Legislators also made reforms to improve Arizona’s business climate and expand our nationally-recognized lead in school choice. Some of the key proposals are outlined as follows:


As a direct result of the responsible fiscal management of the state’s finances in FY 2012, the Legislature was not only able to avoid making cuts to the state budget in FY 2013, but it also balanced the FY 2014 budget, even with the temporary 1% sales tax increase expiring. The state economy is showing slow but consistent growth, and jobs are continuing to be created.  In February and March, 47,000 jobs were created in Arizona. With the knowledge that the economy could slow at any time, the Legislature insisted on continuing a cautious fiscal policy.  In addition to a balanced budget, Senate Republicans insisted on no fund sweeps, no gimmicks, no cuts to Education, Public Safety, Transportation, or Health Care, and a “rainy day fund” for unplanned contingencies.

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2012 Accomplishments of the Majority Caucus 5-17-12

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