Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

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Legislature Passes Budget Package, Sends to Governor

and Adjourns Sine Die


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (July 1, 2009) – After a long month of budget debate and negotiations, the House and Senate passed a FY10 budget that incorporates concessions to the governor and prevents a government shutdown.


“We made tough budget decisions, but ultimately came to an agreement with the governor with regard to the budget,” Speaker Kirk Adams said.


The budget that passed represents most of the compromise worked out between the Senate President Bob Burns, House Speaker Kirk Adams and Gov. Jan Brewer. Burns, House leadership and staff worked long hours to resolve many differences to meet the governor’s requests. However, despite a good faith effort, the Republican leaders were unable to secure the votes needed for the governor’s tax referral.


“We tried everything possible, but could not get the votes,” President Burns said. “We still have a lot of work to do and we have been, and remain committed to working with the governor to revisit the tax issue down the road.”
According to Speaker Kirk Adams, “This budget balances a $3 billion state deficit with significant reductions to state spending and works to readjust our spending levels to actual income.”


“There is no way to put a bow on this budget package,” Burns said. “It’s not pretty; but in the midst of the worst economic crisis in Arizona’s history, this is best solution.”
Overall spending reductions in the legislative and executive budget agreement to the general fund are as follows:



$ Reductions

% of General Fund

% of Total Funds

Dept. of Education/K-12












Dept. of Corrections




Dept. of Economic Security




Dept. of Health Services




Community Colleges




All Other Agencies




Fund Source Shifts







The FY10 budget was transmitted to the governor for her signature and the Legislature adjourned sine die July 1s at XX a.m.



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